VMware Cracks -> 23/1 Update

VMware Cracks 😉

Anbei ein paar (hoffentlich) interessante Informationen – kurz und kompakt 🙂 …. Attached some (hopefully) interesting information – short and compact

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Worth to notice

Knowledge & Education

  • VMware Validated Solutions ->> https://core.vmware.com/vmware-validated-solutions
    • Introducing VMware Validated Solutions ->> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atwIN9-3Svw
    • VMware Validated Solutions is a series of technical validated implementations designed to help customers build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications and workloads deployed on VMware Cloud Foundation. Each VMware Validated Solution will come with detailed design with design decisions, implementation guidance consisting of manual UI-based step-by-step procedures and, where applicable, automated steps using infrastructure as code. Individual VMware Validated Solutions may be supplemented with code samples & how-tos, customer success stories, and links to other published assets to provide a one-stop experience for our customers. Solutions will include: • Identity and Access Management for VMware Cloud Foundation • Developer Ready Infrastructure for VMware Cloud Foundation • Private Cloud Automation for VMware Cloud Foundation • NSX Advanced Load Balancer for VMware Cloud Foundation • Intelligent Operations Management for VMware Cloud Foundation • Intelligent Logging and Analytics for VMware Cloud Foundation • Site Protection and Disaster Recovery for VMware Cloud Foundation

Cloud & Cloud Management

Network & Security

Cloud Native – Contrainer & Co

SDDC Components

Partner Corner



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